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Moral Virus

31 year old New Yorker who rants and raves like a lunatic. Likely because I am a lunatic. Still not confirmed. Here I share random bullshit I like and enjoy as well as my random bullshit thoughts. You have been warned.
Jun 15 '14

Have A Nice Day, and remember the Cisgender Holocaust!



Stupid cishets, enjoy your pathetic days and yeah. If your cisgender and your reading this go kill yourself. If your lgbt and your reading this I love you. Really I hope all cisgender people die so us trans people can live peacefully.

What about cis people who LGBTQ+ individuals love?
Also, violence for a peaceful world. Good luck with that.


Does this fucking moron know what the “LGB” and “Q” stand for? I’m pretty sure this would kill off a majority of those members because, oh, you know…they’re cis gendered people.

Whoops. So much for fighting for your cause. Way to backfire on your own beliefs and preach hatred and intolerance for all the other members of your community who aren’t trans. Great job there, fuck nugget. A+ effort.

Can someone just call this person’s parents and have their internet privilege revoked until they can at least read and write at a 4th grade level? I’m tired of seeing people insist that I do something about my “cisgender.”

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    What is this even about? Cisgender?
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    You know what’s a good idea? Genocide! Said no sane person ever.
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    Gotta be a dupe. Gotta be. I’ve heard more coherent thoughts come out of members of the Aryan Nation. No one can...
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    This has to be a troll. No human being is this stupid. I doubt even my dog is this stupid.
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    dumblr—feminist: Hate speech 101. But it’s okay, right? Because cis people can’t be part of the LGBT movement (it’s not...
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    Catfish bait.
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    It’s too fucking stupid to be offensive. I mean they do realise that lesbians, gay men and bisexual folk can be...
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    If this isn’t bait then it’s a perfect example of why trans activism isn’t taken seriously